254-260 St Hill Street

Baby Care


At Little Funhouse we understand the need for individual care. We know that depending on your baby's age and stage he/she will have different needs for sleep, play, and care. We therefore integrate the individual needs of all our tamariki into the daily running of our centre.

In between the basic schedule below, we follow a free play and free choice curriculum where we ensure to set up a variety of resources and equipment that will stimulate and provide for the different areas of our infants and toddlers' development. We have a lovely large garden area which is open and availble to our tamariki all day long.

Teachers are with and available to the children at all times, and are there to facilitate children's requests, to interact with them in their play, to monitor play between children, and to care for them individually in terms of bottles, sleeps, meals, nappies and so on. We have approximately fifteen babies in our group and a teacher : child ratio of 1 : 4.

7:15                Funhouse opens for the day

8:00                Breakfast is available to early arriving children and runs until 8:30am

9:30                Morning tea / kai time

10:00              Nappies are checked and changed

11:00              Rolling lunch time, small groups of five/six children eat together

12:00              Nappies are checked and changed

12:30              Morning session ends, Afternoon session begins

12:45              Afternoon sleepers are taken to bed

2:00                Nappies are checked and changed

2:30                Afternoon tea time / kai time

4:00                Nappies are checked and changed

4:30                Snack time

5:30                Funhouse closes for the day